Reasons Why I Wish To Teach at UST

I have created “Science and Rom Cumagun” blogsite for my students at the University of Santo Tomas, Manila and for everyone who wish to learn Science with us.

For my first post I wish to share my essay which I submitted as partial requirement for my application to teach at UST. A lot more I could have written but space availability is limited. In the “statement of intent” portion, the instruction is “Write a short essay on the reasons why you wish to teach at UST”

Why I Wish To Teach At USTMy essay:

Reasons Why I Wish To Teach at UST

Setting aside the usual reason that I need employment (I have been income less as classroom teacher since my last post at Ahlia University, Bahrain 2009-11). I can think of three reasons why I wish to teach at UST.

  1. I believe that my talents are best used in the service of Education. I have been a teacher since 1986 in various capacities and to sum up those years is a compliment my former student gave me. He said, “you taught me to be audacious.” He identified for me the brand of teaching that i provided him. I now wish to teach “audacity” to UST students.
  2. UST, being The Catholic University of the Philippines comes as another attraction. I believe that Catholic leaders should dominate Philippine life. I feel lucky with the unique Catholic spirituality blend that I have — Ignatian, Marian, Fransciscan and now Tomasian — becaust it made me see and feel God at work in the world. I wish to share my faith to students of UST; I wish to learn, work and pray with them. 
  3. To teach in the College of Fine Arts and Design hammers the final nail to the palace I am to build for God and my fellowmen. I believe that through Arts, minds and hearts of men and women can be moulded. In my experience it is cinema. To my students, I will pose the same question I ask myself daily, “What if you have the power of Steven Spielberg, what movie will you make? 

As faculty member of UST-CFAD, I aim to motivate students to visualise, design and build the promise land. 

End of essay.


Dean Cynthia B. Loza, Ph.D. and the CFAD council, thank you for giving me the opportunity to be interviewed, demo-teach, and be recommended for a teaching position.

Prof. Clarita D. Carillo, Ph.D., Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, thank you for approving my appointment.

Fr. Herminio V. Dagohoy, O.P., Rector UST, I pray with St. Thomas Aquinas, that I may profess well.

My dear first batch of UST students of Natural Science and Advertising let us recite:

St. Thomas Aquinas’ “Prayer Before Study”

Lord, true source of Light and

wisdom, give me a keen sense of

understanding, a retentive memory

and the capability to grasp things

correctly. Grant me the grace to be

accurate in my expositions and the

skill to express myself with

thoroughness and clarity. Be with

me at the start of my work, guide its

progress and bring it to completion.

Grant this through Christ our Lord,


St. Thomas, Pray for us



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