4 thoughts on “Asking Ourselves: Why spend money on science?

  1. miccobalana says:

    Science is science. It provides us a lot of answers to questions we never thought we’d be able to answer. However, science and its power is scary. We don’t know where it will bring us or lead us to so we really need to be careful about how we act upon things. On side note, I wanna point out that using quoted lines from other people was clever! Kudos!

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  2. Micco, Thanks for noticing the quotes. I believe that we can learn much from conversations and public conversations on Facebook, if we could only capture all of them, will yield to so much learning. With this Facebook post, Alex and I have become acquainted and now are regularly corresponding. I have am bedded the Facebook post but if I copy and paste the comment thread, I am making the text available for search engines to find. Budgeting for science is part of mathematical intelligence and the question can even go on a personal level — Why should Micco spend for science?


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