By: Irish Rabena

Laziness is when you do nothing and hang around.

Laziness is when you are too lazy to move your chin so they don’t make a sound.

Laziness is when you want to do nothing but sleep.

Laziness is when your nap is so dawn that you’re sleeping deep.

Laziness is when you never go outside to play.

Laziness is when you just rest there on your laptop all day.

Laziness is when someone has to be your maid.

Laziness is when you just lie on the bed where you’ve always stayed.

Laziness is when you don’t do any distinct chore.

Laziness is when you’re just lazy so you sleep some more.

All individuals can sometimes be lazy.  

But it turns out that there might be couch-potato heredity.


Note: I am not joining the Creative Writing Workshop of Varsitarian, this poem is for Sir Cumagun’s requirement. 


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