When You Smile

By Aenro Mikko M. Gubatina

Rom Cumagun on location shooting a video for a blog regarding Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall anniversary.

For countless hours I wait thee

Wind howling but silent

Even your shadow I cannot see

My heart stops and tightens

Through rustling trees, I walk the aisle

Counting cobblestones looking down

2014-06-12 06.04.02

From Left: Rom Cumagun’s 2nd daughter, Angela Marie Cumagun; best friend and wife, Pelagia Cumagun; youngest daughter, Marie Yvonne Cumagun

Light shimmers… thy beauty with a smile

Took away my lips of weary and frown

Sweet and contagious lips of angel

No mere demons should defile

Removed my lonely pulse like a spell

Just one glance when you smile





Scientific Reference:

HowStuffWorks; Explanation Why Smiling Causes Happiness
Italicized words has scientific explanation in the reference/link (Why Smiling Causes Happiness)

(This poem is for the academic requirement for Mr. Rom Cumagun only and not for the Creative Writing Workshop of Varsitarian)

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