She, Who Is Home

Curious and Befuddled

951023 - Elysium

Mother is kind, mother is gentle

Mother is harsh, and mother is cruel

But within Mother’s arms we settle

In her arms, we slept in her cradle


But we children were too greedy, ignorant, and careless

And within her arms we began to rebel

Her beauty stolen, and lost all vividness,

Her anger began to swell.


“Begone, you prigs, and may you find out soon

That fools who have angered me, are no longer of kin!”

And she threw her children out of her arms and into the vast nothingness

The lost fools were in agony, their gravest of sin.


“Now here lies our home, may it rest in peace.”

And the Mother wept, and slept in grief.

And the children looked far-off in despair

At was once their home, beyond repair.

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