The Lame and The Blind

The Lame and the Blind
Glen Acero 3AD7

When a theistic sees his life,
It’s not that they don’t want to see things exactly as they happened
It’s just they hold things in the most biblical sense,
And act in the most able-bodied way.

A liberal believes on things he can only see,
Always sees mysteries as evidence to errors on religious precepts.
He knows that the only certainty in life is change,
Hoping that it eventually comes to a constructive end

Different people, different judgment
Every day we’ll always see the world labeled,
Action change when beliefs change, and thus;
Communal movements and beliefs change the world.

When a prophet and Einstein meet each other,
Einstein will always say that science with no religion is lame,
And religion without science is blind.
As Newton explains the motion of the planets,
But can’t explain who sets the planets in motion.


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