Tree by Audrey Servillon (3AD-7)


There are kids up in the tree,

Day and Night they don’t eat,

I wonder where their mommy went,

Imagine the times they could have spent


They’re all just simple,

Cute and they have dimples,

I wonder why their mommy left,

If that was me, I couldn’t bear that in my chest


The storm is coming,

Viscous and astounding,

But the kids are still playing,

Their happiness left my saying,

‘Oh my God, why are they still playing,

They better start running’


Beyond is the massive flood,

They should hurry before they get stuck in the mud,

I screamed as if I wasn’t in the 17th floor,

But my voice didn’t reach the ground floor


I cry from what I see,

Little children died with the tree,

If only the tree was strong,

Nothing would’ve gone wrong

(Sir this is the poem I created since I didnt join the contest)


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