Short Story by Mico Balana

sweat-skin-1It was in the middle of the night when I woke up, drenched in my own sweat. It was the usual nightmare. See, I’m a man who gets nightmares a lot. Probably more than enough which may give you the reason for my occasional insane outburst and my regular restlessness. I’ve been dealing with these nightmares since I started being aware of my existence. Why do I get these bad dreams? I don’t know. The only thing I’m sure of is that these things aren’t cool. They suck. And quite literally, they suck good vibes off me.

Like ever, I couldn’t go back to sleep anymore so I spent the rest of the night thinking about random things until my mind reached pitch black. It was nothingness. It was what I always feared; reaching a point where nothing seems to make sense anymore. Then, as if it was part of a schedule (that I’m not aware of), my alarm clock rang. It was annoyingly surprising so I was immediately brought back to reality. Again, I have to go through a day of pure crap.

I got up, grabbed my college uniform and changed into it. I hate morning baths so I take a bath right before I sleep so when I wake up in the morning, I’d be spared of the need to take a shower. The coldness of the morning breeze paired with the ice-cold tiles and freezing water from the shower terrifies me. As soon as I got changed, I quickly grabbed my bag and left for class. I always make sure I’m minutes earlier than everyone in class, which is usually ten to fifteen minutes after our classes start. Everyone’s late you see. Well more late than I am. I don’t want anyone to notice me, that’s why I make sure I’m already seated on my usual spot and covered myself with some random book. Okay, I’ll admit that I don’t even read “this” book and I don’t even know the title of it. I just need something to cover my face so everyone won’t see it – me.

Day goes by. Being lucky for me means absolutely no one talks to me for the entire day. Not even my professors. Today, I was lucky. I was already on my way back to my dormitory room, which was just a couple of blocks away when I happened to notice this seemingly flat object circling around the sky flying as if there was someone piloting it. I heard a lot of rumors about UFOs or Unidentified Flying Objects but I never truly believed them. I was never a fan of believing things I haven’t actually seen even if I usually spend my time thinking about some pretty insane thoughts. This time, it seemed so real. I liked aircrafts and all other flying objects or at least those that were made by humans so I know which one was from our world and which isn’t. 

I spent a couple of minutes alternately blinking my eyes, scratching them and just staring at it. I just couldn’t believe it. And I know no one else would even if I choose to tell someone about it. I’d be nothing less than a laughing stock when I let people know about what I’ve seen so I decided to forget about it and just go on with my usual schedule which is go back to my room, change to my dorm clothes and try to get some sleep.

Yeah, it was stupid to think that after seeing it I’d still be able to sleep or even just take a nap so from my few hours of sleep I am now down to absolutely no sleep. I just can’t stop thinking about it. I can’t stop thinking about its existence. Questions, thoughts and of course insane ideas come rushing to my mind all night. My mind has been preoccupied all night that I didn’t even notice that the sun has already risen. I waited for my alarm clock to ring as it does every single day (including weekends). Suddenly, it hit me. I didn’t have my usual nightmares, which is kind of amazing. I got up as soon as my clock rang. I was moving fast. I seemed pretty calm. For some reason, that disturbing thought about UFOs that kept me awake all night made me feel calmer than how I was whenever I wake up from my nightmares. It was a new day. Another school day but it felt different.


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