On the “Sounds we Heard”

by Ledesma, Hannah F. 3AD7
Submission for NS102


Bewildered by none and bored for even less

I’ve had chances to free myself, but I digress

that as I maintain this facade of happiness,

Could the truth be even farther then?


“Indifference” by J. Cardenas

The hollow I walk through, in the vacuum I stay

for an eternity, that ecstasy I’d suffocate in

Step in, leaving my entrails along the way

behind that door, before that miserable, pathetic famine

Silence by Odilon Rendon

“Silence” by Odilon Rendon

Your thoughts that were words, you keep them jammed in your head

Sing to the porous walls, kiss, touch, what else?

You breathe out and out and in again

for what is air to something that’s already dead?

The Burial of Atala by Anne-Louis Girodet

“The Burial of Atala” by Anne-Louis Girodet

Screaming yet reluctant, what comes out is a whisper

One you pull back before anyone was fast enough to decipher

Blind them, dance, chant weave the curtains blur

Keep down that gin with all the resilience you could muster

The Dance by Henri Matisse

“The Dance” by Henri Matisse

I leave the one-way windows down, and uncurtained

I don’t blink and neither do you, we’re okay, you’re certain (?)

(the loud rain, the trains, the films adoring),

It’s the inevitable red herring 

and for what it’s worth, it’s still amazing,

That in nineteen I’ve believed them all to be disgusting.

Rain by Claude Monet

“Rain” by Claude Monet



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