Who Takes The Brunt of Wars?

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Victims of war: how Gaza conflict will traumatise a generation of adolescents

“The University of Leicester has been collaborating with colleagues from Gaza for the last 15 years. All studies have consistently shown the impact of war trauma and how this is mediated further by poverty and deprivation. Each cycle of violence has a cumulative effect on children and young people.”

How incredibly sad it is that for 15 consecutive years, these children who were born with exuding potential and branching possibilities are suffering from a war that precedes even the grandparents of their grandparents. This long raging discord within the Middle East that dates way, way back in history, continuously affects, and will affect their descendants supposed bright futures.

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2 thoughts on “Who Takes The Brunt of Wars?

  1. Eysh Majano says:

    It is sad that when you look outside of your window, it seems like everything’s just normal. Especially that we’re on a modern age already. When truth is, people suffer and war happens in other parts of the world.


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