The Last Stand

How far you will fight for what you believe in?

For two days, restless armies have been guarding the fortress of Monte Cristo against the rebels who seeks power, glory and wealth.
Captain Harry Eivens, head of the army, knew that the fortress will last only for a day or two. If his army and the rebels started the encounter. He has to make an action. He had to decide. He must do something to the city he swore to protect and defend.
He had a plan. But his plan might cause the destruction of the city. But he has no choice. He must try it.
He consulted the head of the council Andrei Gashkov and he got an astonishing disapproval.
You want to surrender? You are a great soldier captain. You prove your worth in war against Smithsonians and Freelancers and you are saying that admit defeat is your plan against those rebels!
Honorable Gashkov, they are too many. And in my calculations, the fortress will not survive that long if we choose to fight.
If we choose to fight, we all die. If we surrender, there is a chance to spare our lives.
Captain, if we die, we will die fighting. If we have to use our full resources to win this fight, we will use it. There’s no assurance that if we surrender against those rebels, we will be free.
Our children might be labourers. Our women might be used as prostitutes. Captain, is this the life what you want for your fellowmen?
Our ancestors fought for freedom; the freedom that we have right now; the freedom that we must defend for the next citizen of this great nation.
Captain, don’t be a coward. You are a soldier, not a politician. You took an oath to preserve the dignity of this great city. Do it.
Captain Eivens kept silent. He realized that the head council is right.

As he walks outside the house of parliament, capt. Eivens saw that inspite of siege between them and the rebels, people still triesdaught to live normally as possible. Business transactions, agriculture are still present. As he was thinking about a plan, a young girl named clarisse bumped him.

Im sorry captain
Its okay young lady, whats your name by the way?
My name is clarisse daughter of simon and agatha of brierman
Hi clarisse, what you are doing? We are playing huntingbear with my friends lawrence, frida, leonardo and fritz
Whats hunting bear? If you would min my dear
Ah its very simple captain, you just dont let the other team pass through this line or else we lose. So what we do is to spread out in order to corner and tap atleast one of them.
As clarisse was explaining, his friends are calling her to conitnue their play.
Oh so captain that it. Is it easy right? Oh sir i have to go. Bye
And capt. Eivens bid his goodbye.
He realized again what the head minister said about the children.
I dont want clarisse and these children become a slave of this war. I dont want to ruin their hope and their future. I should think a plan on how to win this fight.

As he walks away with the children, he glanced them for the last time, and as he watches them playing, an idea ringed a bell on the great captain’s mind.
This is possible. This plan might be the key for our victory.

He quickly returned to his post and immidiately checked the perimeter. It has no development. The rebels are still on their way to conquer their great city.
After seeing that, he immidiately called his key officials to tell them his plan.

Gentlemen, good evening. We dont have the luxury of time so i will make this quick.
As you can see those rebels have great number against us. So we will not fight in numbers, we will fight with our strategy. Its simple and has bugger chance of victory.
Did anyone here ever played hunter bear?
For pete’s sake captain, are you out of your mind? We will play hunting bear agianst them? We are soldiers captain. Not children.
Seargent briggs, we are soldiers. And that silly game will be the foundation of our plan to win this war.
The objective is simple. We will corner them and kill them. Snd thats the way it works. Its simple as an ambush.
As the traject to the dawson valley, we will use the secret passage of jarquebera in order to come from their behind. The passage of durbinwatson to come from their right and whiteman from the left. And the others are in the front. We will use the technique that led the spartans and romans to their victory againts persians. The syncrhonized-shielded attack. Because if we just waited them here, we are just waiting for our death here.

Sergeant briggs, in the jarquebera, sergeant tillons in the durbin watson, seargent zimmers in the whiteman and i will lead in the front. Prepare your people gentlemen because tonight, we will begin our journey to victory. Our journey for freedom. Our journey for the people of monte cristo.

As the sun sets, soldiers started their long journey to their destinations. The journey lasted a day and eventually at the dawn of the fourth of april seventeen sixty four. The history has been made. With the combination of their dedication, skill, strength and patriotism and that children game, captain eivens and his army won againts the rebels. The freedom has been restored once more, the citizen of monte cristo once again has given the chance to hope not only for themselves but also for the betterment of their great nation.

By: Trina Aguilar


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