Protector of the Moon

by Allana A. Gabriel

It was a lonely time for Tim since his mom has recently passed away. He would reminisce how they always used to look at the stars at night and count them ‘til he fell asleep, how they would wonder if the moon isn’t the only moon in the galaxy and it came in different shapes and sizes, and how she would tuck him to bed, kiss him in the cheek and say “good night my little moon ranger”. He missed her terribly.

One Saturday afternoon he stood in their porch and saw the moon. He wondered why it still appeared even on daylight. Maybe there were really plenty of moons in space. Maybe even living entities, who knows? All he thought was that the moon reminded him of his mom. He decided to learn and discover more about it because maybe, just maybe, it would bring him back to her.

Tim gazed in the sky day and night observing the moon’s transitions. He would stay up late and peek through his telescope and daydream of him and his mom walking on the moon like Neil Armstrong did — only without the space suits. They were awesome like that.

It was a Monday and while Tim was gazing out in the moon, he saw something strange. Strangely like a UFO. He pushed the thought away because he knew that was only fictional. Then the object began to grow larger and went closer to him. He looked through his telescope to get a clearer view and wouldn’t believe his eyes. His mom. He fell on the ground trying to take in what he just saw. Just as he thought, it was a UFO. Tim fainted all wishing it was a dream.

Tim woke up in an unknown room. He was terrified of what could happen next. If his mom was in here, then this place would be heaven? Funny place to call heaven with all the metallic chrome walls. He always imagined heaven as a happy place full of clouds and fluffy puppies. A knock came from the door. It was his mom, or so he thought. “Mom?” His mom smiled gently. “I’m not your mom Tim, I’m her sister.” Tim was bewildered. “Mom, this isn’t a good time to joke. Tell me what’s going on. Am I dead?” “You’re not dead Tim. I’m your aunt Zoe. Your mother’s twin sister.” “I beg your pardon?!” “Your mother wished for me to give this to you.” She handed out a letter that was slightly crumpled. He dared not to believe it but it was definitely written by his mom with the purple pen she loved to use. It read:

“My dearest Tim,

I never thought this day would eventually come. I know everything seems surreal right now but trust me, you will soon understand. Before you were born I had to leave my hometown. There was something dangerous that wanted to kill you. All my reasons of raising you to live a normal life was to protect you. We always knew the moon was a mysterious thing. The moon is where I once lived, and now it is where you will live. It is a beautiful place. You will protect it from all its destroyers, because I know you’re capable of it. The moon people need you, Tim. You are their hero. Just as you are mine.”

Tim looked up at the woman who he thought was his mom and caught her smiling. “Welcome back Moon Ranger.” she said.

NOTE: Post I made since I did not join the Creative Writing Workshop of The Varsitarian


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