“The Theory of Everything” 2014 Film

“The Theory of Everything is the story of the most brilliant and celebrated physicist of our time, Stephen Hawking, and Jane Wilde the arts student he fell in love with whilst studying at Cambridge in the 1960s.“

The upcoming movie is about the life of Stephen Hawking, one of the most renowned astrophysicists of our time. The story is about his romantic and yet tragic affair with life. It revolves around his academic struggle as a student, while fighting with paralysis, and eventually to his great achievements as a man of science.

Personally I think this movie will be significant to me. First of all I love Hawking as a scientist. I love seeing him on those science channels I watch when I want to learn about space and stuff. I love the fact that despite the incapability he has, he was, and is still able to contribute greatly to understanding the origin of our material world. I know that he has extensive researches about black holes, space-time theory, and quantum mechanics. Though I honestly do not know what any of those words mean (not to be taken literally) and I’m not quite in the mood of institutionally studying those any time soon, I believe it generates curiosity to the average man and it helps start up a conversation. In short, It compels us to dream and imagine.

I, for one, am really interested in science, even as an artist, and I believe that the more we know about the universe the more we would be able to appreciate it. There is just something about space, least the thought of it – the stars, the other worlds, the possibility of consciousness out there, that gives me goosebumps. I think, or rather feel, that we are somehow connected out there in the vast openness. Connected to everywhere to be exact; by what, well, god knows who. Though I am not usually that guy who easily buys mysticism in science, I am honestly in love with the thought of it. Then again, talking about science in general, I am really a huge huge fan, especially of astronomy. We are all fans I bet, secretly somewhere deep inside of us. Could be the rooted as a result of human nature, just like how men find fascination in understanding the cosmos ever since the dawn of time, which, in relation to that, could probably also be the reason why I, as a kid, wanted to be an astronaut when I grow up (which is probably also the same dream of about 7 out of 10 kids). The very same reason I guess why I adored Stephen Hawking the moment I first saw him on screen.

Overall I am confident I will love this movie. I am not a casual fan of the emotional and sad movies, but I am pretty curious about Hawking’s life. I want to know how it feels for a person to love others in spite of difficulty, by his example. I want to know how an individual can overcome his own struggle, through his experiences. I want to dream just like he did, and have the guts to follow it to the skies. I want to digest the fact that even though what has become of him today, Stephen Hawking is still human; a human that hopes, loves, and lives. Just as he said;

“There should be no boundaries to human endeavor. However bad life may seem, while there is life there is hope.”


Edrian Baydo, 3AD7


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