different beings

by lea guangko – 3ad6

Different beings by Lea Guangko

“Lovers at Naiya” Photo taken by Rom Cumagun summer of 2014 with UST Architecture Alumni Nuj Ar

it is odd to think how different we may be

from the way we think, the way we eat

the way we talk, and how we sleep

i like staying in, and you don’t

you’d rather be out there, while i stay at home

i like ketchup on my fries, you like them plain

you love the sun, while i love the rain

you sleep with the lights on, i sleep better when it’s dark

i say you’re a coward, you disagree

i was just kidding, can’t you see???

your handwriting is ugly, that’s how messed up you are

but, i am a neat freak, you are the messiest person i’ve met so far

nonetheless, i still can see

all the beauty in your wormy brain

that’s why we’re here, to keep each other sane

this is how we are, and i don’t think this will ever change

like the sun and moon, we’ll wait until we finally collide

this is beautiful, i must say

we may be very different beings, but i wish for you to stay.

(this entry is for sir rom cumagun’s class and not for the varsitarian creative writing workshop)

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