Snooze or Dismiss?

by honglinwei

I personally often hit the snooze button on my phone when I wake up every morning. But I always did wonder if I really am getting more sleep when I do this. And thanks to this, I found out the answer.

AsapSCIENCEShould You Use The SNOOZE Button?

Published on Mar 20, 2013

The snooze button – one of life’s luxuries. But is it really helping you out, or making you more tired?

5 thoughts on “Snooze or Dismiss?

  1. I am happy one of your questions have been answered by AsapScience. I have a book on body clock which I will look for and lend you so you can learn more about the body clock. The book helped me be productive by learning about how my body works. Studying how your body works fall under bodily-kinesthetic intellegence (Theory of Multiple Intelligences.) I have edited the post to a)embed the you tube video ONLY AS A FRAME so the entire playlist will not play.)

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