“Bad Ang Sinungaling” at UST

Last August 16, 2014, there was a filming on campus. It’s titled as “Bad Ang Sinungaling”. Not much of the cast was being shot that day, except Ryzza Mae and Marian Rivera.

Unfortunately, all my shots of Marian Rivera were blurred, and some didn’t really capture her. All I got from there as a photographic souvenir is this photo of Ryzza Mae.

She is a rising child actress. Her height and personality seems to be appropriate with what some people call her as “Aling Maliit”. She’s already been in a lot of films.


NOTE: I was not able to blog about this last week because blogging about famous people is not my cup of tea. When it comes to these kind of work, I tend to lose my proper grammar. I apologize for the in-professionalism of my article.


4 thoughts on ““Bad Ang Sinungaling” at UST

  1. In the advertising industry, it is inevitable that we deal with famous people. College is the best time to be courageous in meeting celebrities because most celebrities are considerate of students wanting to learn from their experience.

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