Confusing Routes.

There are things that we have to deal with in order to keep moving forward. It’s like driving in a street and having to pass by a hump. We can’t keep changing routes just to avoid each hump we’re gonna see because it will cause delays or worse, it might keep us from getting to where we really wanted to go. Sometimes, we’ll even experience confusion while on our way. We lose track of the streets. We miss one important turn. Or like, we totally forget how to get to the place we initially wanted to go to. 


6 thoughts on “Confusing Routes.

  1. miccobalana says:

    I didn’t mean this to be a creative post in any way. I just thought I could post some random thoughts on this site but apparently not. I’ll stop posting thoughts instead. I didn’t intend to include this on the posts that will give me credits. Anyway, that’s all.


    • i encourage capturing random thoughts because spontaneity unleashes creativity. This is akin to the beauty of a sketch which need not be laboured like how a formal drawing or painting should be. I suggest you include a sketch to further capture the randomness of your ideas.


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