Evidence 1

Today, I finally had the chance to go to that newly opened restaurant. The one near the house beside the market. They had surprisingly good sandwiches. I tried the grilled cheese sandwich. I asked the sandwich-man to add bacon on my order, but he told me that that wouldn’t be just grilled cheese anymore. But I insisted. Also, I told him to add tomatoes, mayonnaise, some minced beef and that special sauce. Basically, I didn’t order the grilled cheese sandwich. I was craving for something else though.

Also, I had a strange dream last night. I was in a space station somewhere, but it wasn’t in space. It was probably under the sea because there was a whale and a school of fish. Those were the only things there though. It was dark blue below and above, just by the waves was a door. I forgot the rest. I hope I remember it.”


3 thoughts on “Evidence 1

  1. Thank you for sharing your experiences raw. There is value in capturing the essence of the experience as soon as possible. Recording your dream, most specially. Sigmund Freud wrote a book The Interpretation of Dreams which I am recommending that you read it and apply his techniques. I ca credit your study of dreams in the Intrapersonal Intelligence component of our Science Learning.


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