In Hopes That It Will Be a True Good Film (A Ranting Essay on the Philippine Film Industry)

Curious and Befuddled

Last 16th of August, 2014, a familiar face came about within the school grounds of the University of Sto. Tomas.

marian 1 Marian Rivera at ‘Bad Ang Sinungaling’ shooting site (UST) rhyzza Rhyzza Mae Dizon at ‘Bad Ang Sinugnaling’ shooting site (UST)

It was Marian Rivera and Rhyzza Mae Dizon!


Rejoice! Rejoice! A celebrity! How fun, exciting!




Apparently, it was a shooting for a scene from an upcoming 2015 MMFF film entitled Bad And Sinungaling. Now, I have totally no idea what the plot of this film is going to be, but judging by the actors and the crew gathered, I am not psyched at all.

Starting up with Vic Sotto, Marian Rivera, and Rhyzza Mae Dizon as (most probably) the main cast, and end it with the director of photography, Lee Meily, and director Marlon Rivera, I can only see the bleak future of the Philippine film…

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3 thoughts on “In Hopes That It Will Be a True Good Film (A Ranting Essay on the Philippine Film Industry)

  1. Commented on the original “Thanks for sharing your review of Philippine Cinema. I used to think very low about our homegrown filmmakers until the late Marilou Diaz-Abaya became my teacher in film directing, in a masters degree program Communication Arts, Ateneo de Manila University. With her efforts of making movies like Bagong Buwan, Muro-ami, Jose Rizal, I realised that good movies are also being done. The late Ismael Bernal lent me his VHS copies of Himala and after watching I have become more appreciative of Filipino movies. I watch a classic — Lino Brocka’s Tinimbang Ka Ngunit Kulang — and I pray that more artists of cinema will step forward. After having been involved in movie projects of different ideologies and budgets, I always see the difficulty of mounting a movie and that is why I want my students to observe and better still, to participate, in movie making projects. Katrina, maybe you are one of the filmmakers, whom I am waiting for.”


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