Taping Around the Campus

Last August 16, we witnessed the taping and behind the scenes of the movie entitled “Bad ang Sinunghaling” casted by Marian Rivera and Ryzza Mae Dizon. We saw different tools, cameras and other highly sophisticated multimedia objects that are used in creating the film. We also became aware of what is happening behind the camera and some words of the director, and that is quite an awsome experience10585710_10202743366687700_2004017800_n10622024_10202743368407743_682969571_n


6 thoughts on “Taping Around the Campus

  1. Thanks for posting your experience on our class activity. One minor correction: Marian Rivera did not cast the movie; the work of casting is done by the casting director. You can reedit the sentence to say that “Bad ang Sinungaling,” starring Marian Rivera…


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