A Page Where We Can Exchange Letters

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August 19, 2014
117 Bonanza St. Rancho Estate 2
Marikina City, Metro Manila

My Dear Students,

I have started to make a page like this and I aim to make one for all my students.

kenzo_ss14_campaign_fy1-2For co-authors who are also my students at UST, my aim here is for each of us to continually converse as we spend time and energy as learner-teacher. This is very helpful for me, too, in assessing your performance come grading time.

Do communicate to me a lot by including the links of practically anything that will make me believe that you are doing your best to learn Advertising. I suggest we communicate the old-fashioned way: by way of letters as if these are going to be sent via snail mail. There is more feeling to this mode of communication and what you are feeling about the subject is what I wish to know and…

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