The Blogosphere, in my opinion


It is the conglomeration of the networks of people’s thoughts, activities, photos, films, and other media of people that can be found online. It is an unlimited interconnection of ideas, holding no barriers or whatsoever. The blogosphere is a broad network of all online data – everything from food, to fashion, to culture, to health, to news, to travel, and latest trends, all based from entries made in a social networking site by individuals around the globe.

The world wide web, unlike humans, have unlimited number of storage for new data. Humans, having certain limitations, cannot process all information entered from every single human being in the planet in one collection. With that said, humans cannot dare compare itself with the information highway. Imagine thinking and telling it to a bazillion people right away, simultaneously, manually. That is how the information highway works- ultra fast. With just a click, you can share everything, and I do mean everything to the world. Yes, technology has gone far away from what we imagined 20, 50 years ago. But is this advancement enough to replace the old with the new? Is humanity really moving forward with these technologies or rather taking a huge step back?

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