Bad ang Sinungaling- The Making in UST

bad ang sinungaling

Last August 16 2014, the class was privileged to witness a movie shooting/ taping inside the borders of University of Santo Thomas and be part of the process. The movie was titled “Bad ang Sinungaling” (Lying is Bad) starring child actor and rising star Ryzza Mae Dizon, the stunningly beautiful Ms. Marian Rivera and the legendary “bossing” Mr. Vic Sotto (not present at that time).

The process of the film making/ shooting is quite tedious. Every man/ crew that is part of the shooting process are really busy from setting up the scene, the camera, the actors and specially controlling the crowd from ruining their idol’s schedule and get up. The director keeps all at his command, specially the camera man, to produce the best shot for the movie and dictates every bit of detail to everyone to make it really perfect. The other sides of the scene, which are the crowd we were in, are cooperative enough to let the shooting happen without any mishaps.

We were really lucky to see this kind of process first hand because we might be part of this someday being a Fine Arts student majoring in the Field of Advertising. Even though the local film making is not of that successfully on the top of international movies, our generation of artist might be the one who would put the Philippine Movies on the height of movies of the whole world.


(This post was late due to my serious internet connection problems. I sincerely apologize for posting late.)


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