The Blogosphere on Cyber-space

First, what is blogosphere?
According to Wikipedia, the blogosphere is made up of all blogs and their interconnections.

I see blogosphere as the potential to let your ideas be seen by people everywhere. So what is the importance of blogosphere?
It helps us learn things and we let them know things, too. Every topic we posted, someone will share their reaction to you. And that’s one of the important things about blogging. You share thoughts and learn from each other.

I illustrated the blogosphere (atmosphere) covering the blogs (earth) on cyber-space (outer-space)… As the space is so broad, there’s so many uncertain things we haven’t known yet.

Blogs connect you to other people and blogging improves some of your multiple intelligence. The blogosphere makes it one of the best ideas of humans by having discipline and being responsible to every post you blog. Making sure of every post we posted makes and contributes to the cyberspace and blogosphere to be more reliable. Blogging is also expressing and people will always talk, so let’s give them something to talk about.

Glen Acero, 3AD7

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