by  Christine Caisip



University of Santo Tomas



Yesterday I remembered

I was crying my eyes out

but today I can’t stop smiling

Life is bipolar that way

one day death seems like the only option you have

and the next day, life seems like the only greatest thing

and that’s totally normal

you’re gonna have the days you cry in so much pain

down on your knees,

days that you’d rather be dead

and there will be days when all you do is to smile

your laugh will be so rhythmic, so free

like the thought of just living excites you

we will all find happiness suddenly

but you just gotta keep pushing

because there is so much more to see

there is so much more in life



4 thoughts on “Life

  1. miccobalana says:

    “There is so much more in life” AMAZING line right there. Truly, we have yet to see how marvelous our planet can be. That line is really inspiring and it helps me push myself more so that I could go beyond the things I’ve already seen and experienced. Love love love.

    Liked by 1 person

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