On the Blogosphere

Reblog of last week’s attendance requirement regarding the blogosphere.

NS102 with Hama


An Introduction

The origin of blogging does not confine itself it the commercialization and the widespread acknowledgment it receives today, but to the very introduction of its means: the Internet.

(This post is in accordance for last week’s class participation and attendance.)



A Short History

ARPA (Advance Research Projects Agency) is the Scientific arm of the U.S. Dept. of Defence develops the internet to gain edge over the Soviet Union.


1960s – Development of computers from mere arithmetic machines to connectors among computer networks. The TCP / IP or Transmission Control Protocol/ Internet Protocol was created. Followed by the PRNET (San Fracisco Bay Packet Radio Network) and SATNET (Atlantic Packet Satellite Network).


1972 – creation of electronic mail (e-mail) spread across 23 servers.


1974 – first commercial service called Telenet by BBN.


1980 – Usenet platform (by user of UNIX OS) became the first example…

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