Blogosphere: A Limitless World

Curious and Befuddled

graphic by Kat Vinalay graphic by Kat Vinalay

Interconnected,interrelated, interwoven.

That is the Interweb. The Internet.

And within the Interweb, a whole world on its own, resides a distinct world, full of never-ending intertwined lives of people.



The Blogoshpere is space in the internet where one can connect with another. May it be someone from the west to east connecting with each other, the blogoshpere knows no bounds. The popular blogs, as of late, is what consists of the blogosphere. And the posts that people create, the comments they say, and the shares they make further expands the vast world of the blogosphere. The blogoshpere is a world full of strangers that you can communicate and share anything under the sun with. 


The blogosphere connects us all. It is a limitless world.

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