“Bad Ang Sinungaling”


Last August 16, actresses Marian Rivera and Ryzza Mae Dizon went to our school (University of Santo Tomas) for the taping of the upcoming film “Bad Ang Sinungaling” directed by Marlon Rivera.  The said film will be an entry for the coming Metro Manila Film Festival this December of 2014. Our professor let us witness the taping so that we may somehow learn the process of filmmaking,  and how they (the director/s, actors/actresses, writers and producers) work and collaborate. The experience also gave us an idea of how it is to be ‘behind the scenes.’


~ Dear Sir Cumagun, I deeply apologise for posting this very late because, to be honest, I find it complicated and it took me a lot of time to get a hold of using WordPress. It is completely new to me and this is my first time to try blogging. I am now fully aware as I realise that blogs/blog sites such as this may also be a good platform for learning. I promise to try my best to post more and share more here on WordPress. I am hoping for your kind consideration. Thank you. ~



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