My take on “The Blogosphere”

I would like to share my own visual representation about the blogosphere.


This visual representation of mine simply shows that the structure of the blogosphere is huge, broad and complex. It also shows that everything in the blogosphere is connected. According to what I have researched, the blogosphere is made up of all blogs on the internet and their network of interconnections.

Basically, it is about sharing; sharing your blog to other people and vice versa. It is also about oneness because the blogs or even the social networking accounts we have are connected, in a way, and thus, makes us a “connected community” on the world wide web. All kinds of information, whether it is about yourself, culture, religion, gossip, science, etc. may be shared within the blogosphere. In the blogosphere, we have the freedom of information and the freedom of expression. 

The blogosphere is an integral part of the internet.  


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