Balancing Traditional and Non-Traditional Classroom Strategies

Thank you so much Nicole Shane Abria Perez NS102 3AD-6 for your feedback. Your proposal for us to meet halfway between traditional and non-traditional teaching is point very well taken. I will do my best to adjust my classroom strategies.

Realizations by Nicole Perez

I want to share my realizations about everything in both our subjects here. I just want to say that I understand your philosophies and style of teaching but given that I am used to the traditional style of teaching, I got overwhelmed with your new style. I got confuse because I’m not really into blogging and I am not familiar to this type of blogging. I am used to sharing my opinions inside the classroom where the professor could listen to it physically. I guess what happened between our block and you is just a miscommunication. Forgive us if you think we’re antoginizing you. We actually don’t. We just shared what we think of of your sytle, Sir. I guess the best that could happen now is for us – students and you as a prof alike – to meet halfway. I think it would be best if go traditional but you could still be non-traditional at the same time. In this way, we would meet with each and everyone’s form of sharing and understanding. Thank you for bearing with my thoughts.


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