Chasing Stars




Marian Rivera, Ryzza Mae Dizon, & Vic Sotto went to UST to shoot their new movie “Bad ang Sinungaling”. Hopefully, it would be something worth watching since our beloved university’s in it.

We looked. We saw. We inevitably pushed against the crowd. We took pictures. It took us more time than we intended to find these celebrities. We were sweating under the heat, we asked people if they knew where they were and we panicked because we thought they had left. They were our only ticket for our Science attendance, not that we didn’t have interest. I did and I really did want to see them. I was curious on how they really looked because people looked different on TV. Marian was shorter than I expected. She was very pretty, but I wasn’t like “OMG. I’M SO STARSTRUCK.” She had a plain aura that could pass for a normal person who is just super white. Ryzza was so small. I had not expected her to be that small, but she seemed sick that day so I hadn’t got the chance to see her face clearly because I really big guy was carrying her. Unfortunately, I didn’t see Vic. From what I heard, he is very handsome. Although I don’t agree, I still wanted to see if he was.

Anyway, we saw them at the Quadri Centennial Park (thank you to Manong Sorbetero for telling us). We were standing on benches hoping to get a glimpse and take decent pictures of Marian. Obviously, there were a lot of people already so we were fighting for choice spots. Luckily, they moved towards the front of the Main Building and Marian posed for pictures. I was able to get a good, but far shot (3rd image). Then when she was I think gonna change her outfit and move closer to their van, I got two close ups. Yay. That’s when I decided to call it quits because I was so tired. So I went home, but I was happy because I was able to see celebrities in person.



Here’s my insight on what the blogosphere is: The interweb is a diverse community. It has a place for videos, places filled with different types of information, places where access to certain places could be eased and a lot more. The blogosphere is just another category. It is an exclusive place in the web where people can write and share their ideas, concepts, feelings and other random writings to the world. It is all blogs and is not limited to only one site.

According to my research, here are some meanings of the blogosphere:
> the realm of Internet blogs and the people who read or write them
> all of the blogs on the Internet as a collective whole (
> blogs considered collectively with their writers and readers as a distinct online
network (


Poem by: Reyes, Andrea D. [3AD6]

Atoms, Molecules
A pebble and the Universe
Both vastly differ
But all intertwined and unified

Big things, small things
All matter a lot
But the most critical concept is
The truth we all for long sought

The beauty of Science
Is its dynamic instrumentality
Its diverse qualities
And the infallible ability
To produce results