The Blogoshpere

By: Beatriz Espino 

Blogosphere is defined by as “the realm of Internet blogs and the people who read or write them” while Merriam Webster defines it as all of the blogs on the Internet as a collective whole. “

Blogs are like diaries but instead of keeping these experiences to your self you share it with people all over the globe. There has been an increase in the number of people who blog within the past decade. Bloggers have engaged, merged with social networking sites like tumblr, twitter, and facebook so that they can advertise their blogs there or even blog directly at that social networking site.


Within the blogosphere, several sub-communities have developed. Where a blog specializes in a certain field which are divided by genre.Like,

News blogs – online news
Political blogs – affiliated with lsrge media ir news corporation.
Gossip blogs – Updates you with the life and gossip about your favorite celebrities.
Health blogs – Covers nutrition and diet, fitness, diseases and how to manage it.
Fashion blogs – For the fashion junkies, contains OOTDs, D.I.Y. fashion and updates consumers on the latest trends in the fashion industry.
Food blogs – Usually “food porn”blogs. Blogs about recipes, good-lookin,mouth-watering food, or about the hottest restaurants in the metro with great food and awesome experience.
Scientific blogs – Covers a variety of scientific and mathematical topics.
Genealogy blogs – Educational blogs that talks about a variety of topics from genealogy of family history to inventions.

Blogs has a wide range and these sub-conmmunities continues to grow all the more. More niches are arising because this is becoming a common ground for people like religion, photography, travel, art, music and many evolving and upcoming blogs. There is a continuous growth of these online communites. These communities are often helpful to citizens keeps them informed and entertained. You become aware of other cultures, lifestyles and issues around the globe. 

“OMOTE” Real-time face tracking projection mapping

“OMOTE” is an art installation by producer Nobumichi Asai and several other collaborators that features real-time face tracking and projection mapping. It features a model who has her eyes closed, while various images are projected onto her face and as she moves her head. This art installation looks like some sort of electronic make-up. A live installation is scheduled to be held in Tokyo, Japan on August 28th, 2014.