Blogosphere: Round and round

Final blogosphere

A blog is a website on which someone writes about their own personal opinions, activities, and any other experience that they have done. Sphere on the other hand is defined as something round solid figure with every point on its surface equidistant from its center. These two defined words taken as one is what you call a blogosphere. A blogosphere as what the Merriam Webster Dictionary says are personal websites and blogs collectively taken as a whole.

Nowadays, people connect with other people through different social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram while some people choose to post on their blogs or their own websites. These blogs are considered as online journalism that interconnects with other people on the social media locally and even internationally. Blogosphere’s structure as I consider are us, who post on social media sites that give us infinite possibilities of sharing our thoughts and interests.

Marian and Ryzza Goes to UST

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Last August 16, Saturday, GMA actress and talent Marian Rivera and Ryzza Mae of Eat Bulaga, surprised every Thomasian as they had their shooting day at the Plaza Mayor for their upcoming movie “Bad Ang Sinungaling” to be aired sooner or later in theaters nationwide. As my friends and I got the chance to be closer to the both of them, I felt the excitement rushing through my veins for that was the first time I saw Marian Rivera live. She was so pretty and really skinny too- no doubt why she got all Thomasians star strucked the whole time. While on the other hand, Ryzza Mae reminded me of my 4 year old nephew who I really think would love to be friends with Ryzza for they both are so chubby and just so bibbo at the same time. Too bad I didn’t get the chance to have solo pictures with them. But here are some of the pictures I took when they were at UST.