When Dreams became Reality



Imagination has been everyone’s means of creating such beautiful and outstanding creations. Without it, we simply cannot innovate things that may help us in our present lives.

There was a day in our Natural Science class that our professor, Prof. Cumagun, lead us into an activity called Einstein’s “riding the beam of light”. It aims to practice our imaginations as artists. He asked us to close our eyes and just imagine ourselves riding a beam of light.

At first, I was really thinking what should the beam of light would look like then a thought came out of me and I just imagined that I was riding one of those big bikes or the bike in the movie “Tron” where the bike leaves a trail of a really bright beam of light.tron_bike_by_tonez78-d54yk76 (1)

So after deciding what I would be riding on, I just went on with the activity. Our prof asked us to just imagine going to a placewhere we wanted to be, anywhere we wanted to be so the first thing that came to my mind was Paris. I have been dreaming of going to Paris and I even placed that on my bucket list so when I had this chance where I could imagine going there, I did. I remember imagining riding a big bike and just roaming around the streets of Paris, smelling the sweet scent of pastries there, just looking at the magnificent view of the Eiffel tower and lastly visiting The Louvre, one of the biggest museums in the world. I remember imagining walking into that museum and just being in awe of what I was seeing. I was very excited deep inside and I cannot wait for that time to hopefully come. I was very pleased of what I was seeing that I did not realize that my professor has already asked us to open our eyes. As I gain sight of where I really was, in just a plain classroom, I just thought to myself, I hope I would never have to open my eyes so I could still enjoy Paris but then, another thought came in that, that experience should just not happen in my imagination but also in real life.

Undergoing that “riding the beam of light” activity was something that made me realize that imagination has lead me into dreaming of being in a place that I would love to be in and it also it lead me to have this goal that I should not just settle into having those imaginations of going to places but also having to experience it in real life.

NOTE: This is just a story that I made since I will not be joining the Varsitarian.