The Battle of Tatooine

Gab Mendoza

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It was a hot Friday morning at my second home, UST. I came to school as early as 9AM although our class is still at 4PM because me and my friends wanted to meet up early and do what we usually do when we have free time, which is simply sitting on the bench in front of our building (Beato Angelico Bldg.), having fun conversations together, shooting  at enemies while we play our favorite computer game “Call of Duty”, or going around and exploring the 4 corners of UST just to find a place where we could eat. It was our way of bonding together and we have been doing it for the past 3 years.

So there I was sitting on the bench inside one of the “pavs”, I was the first one to arrive so I was still alone at that time. When I am alone I usually play with my phone, grab my notebook and draw, or anything to kill the boredom. But instead I put my head down the table of the pav, closed my eyes, and travelled through the beam of light just like how my professor in NatSci told us to. I imagined myself in one of the beam of lights, it felt like I was going “hyperspace” like Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon in Star Wars. Finally I have reached my destination, I imagined that I was in a planet that of the planet “Tatooine” in Star Wars, it was very hot that day which is probably why I had imagined myself in that planet. While I was walking through the dessert storms I ran into my friends who were wearing Stormtrooper outfits, I didn’t have a trooper outfit so they gave me one, and as soon as I finished wearing my armor another group of troopers came to us but surpisingly they were shooting their blasters at us. We found ourselves at war with them and it felt just as fun as we have when playing our favorite game, but with a geeky twist. Ofcourse we won the battle, because it was my imagination, I say what happens.

At about 9:45 all of my friends have finally arrived. 5 minutes of imagination was really fun, but reality is always better with your friends

(This is a short story I made since I will not be joining the Creative Writing Workshop)