The science of society.

While taking a class in sociology. I was given a new insight from the lecture of the professor. An insight on development.

It came to me as the professor was asking, “What is development? Does having these things make a country developed?” which made me dive into further thinking.

What Really is Development?

Does having a grand city mean that the city is developed? That a city has plenty of nightclubs, casinos and malls, people believe it to be a developed country. Though even if you have a city littered with Malls to cater to the rich, grandiose buildings adorning the city skyline that the metropolis looks like a diamond glittering in the sunlight, can it be called developed? Even when more than half of the population is barely getting by? When more than half does not have access to these so called “man made wonders”?…

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A Painter. A Mad Man. A Man Of Science


There is no painter or artist I admire more as Salvador Dali, clearly a genius. For not only is he an artist, but he is also a man of Science.

Though misunderstood, and thought to be an eccentric weirdo. “Oh Salvador Dali, he’s the guy who painted the melting watches.” “Is he not the guy who paints weird things?” His paintings reveal more behind it.

An admirer of Freud, and of Einstein. He has places science, math, physics and psychology in his painting.For Example the Hypercube or the splitting of the Atom, DNA strands. Even the idea the that on a microscopic level things do not really touch each other. It seems that the bombing of Hiroshima had such a profound effect on him

He even hosted a science meet/summit for scientists around the world, under his Museum in Port Lligat.

There is a Short Film or Documentary like video…

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The Death Of Man Which Brings About The Rise Of A New Era Of Technology


Be it true, or simply because I am not informed, but based on my simple observation, I find that technology is becoming smarter than common man.

Lately there has been a boom in the development of technology, Smart Phones everywhere, better computers, state of the art laptops and video games, New versions of the Iphone popping up like mushrooms and fungus from the ground. HD Television that it seems like things are about to burst out of your screen (not really but they advertise it that way). But what about man? What about human development? I haven’t heard any news about it. nobody has told me of a new discovery on the teachings of Philosophy or Psychology, maybe I should try harder to find these news, but what about common man, is he bound to be a slave of technology? People would disagree with a statement like that, just as…

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