MFF: Bad Ang Sinungaling

By: Garcia, Ricael
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So last August 16, 2014. There was this commotion in the plaza mayor. A shoot for the Manila Film Fest, the “BAD ANG SINUNGALING”. And since our class was tasked to observe the production of the movie, we took as many pictures and videos as possible for our attendance. But we also enjoyed ourselves to the fullest (of course there are SELFIES included) since this is a rare opportunity to watch a live production. We also act as extras in the background, which I’m not really proud of but, I admit it is actually fun especially when you have friends to share the experience.

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I’m not really excited about the artists, since I already saw Marian Rivera in Panagbenga and I’m not really a fan of Ryzza. But what I had been excited about are the directors and scriptwriters even the videographer (just watching the production excites me about the future) since I also want to experience a job in Film production.

I also want to experience directing a film but it’s not my dream job for my goal is still a creative director.

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Since I only use my phone camera, the pictures that had been taken were blurred and not really that clear. And for the video that I had taken, I don’t know why I can’t somehow upload it in YouTube so I only posted some pictures.

NOTE: Unfortunately, I’m late in posting this blog since I really do have some problems in connection. I can’t really go at the net cafe since I don’t have enough allowance last week so I decided to go home this weekend to have easy access on the internet.

The Blogosphere

by: Garcia, Ricael

I did this SUPER short animation which is somehow a failure. Some of the elements that I placed there got erased, I might add that I didn’t know where it is and I also did not know that after publishing it in YouTube it will be a low quality. But the video is still clear for the viewers so please bear with my visualization of the structure of Blogosphere.

The elements that got lost in the process of exporting are the bubbles of the different Blog websites. Since our prof. in earth and science really do love his philosophy in teaching that uses blogs, we had been tasked to create some visuals (either drawing or digital) that explains the structure of Blogosphere.

In my understanding, Blogosphere means a collective blogs as a whole and as you can see our website is one of the example of Blogosphere, made of different co-authors of the blog. And in this instances, we inform each other, creating the “highway of informations”.

In my visual, it shows how we can exchange different information around the world through different blogs or you can include the technology since my visuals did not really indicate the topic about blogs because of some problems on exporting.

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Bernoulli’s Magic Trick

by Garcia, Ricael

In fluid dynamic, Bernoulli’s principle states that for an In-viscid flow, an increase in the speed of the fluid occurs simultaneously with a decrease in pressure or a decrease in the fluid’s potential energy.

Bernoulli’s principle can be applied to various types of fluid flow, resulting in what is loosely denoted as Bernoulli’s equation. In fact, there are different forms of the Bernoulli equation for different types of flow. The simple form of Bernoulli’s principle is valid for in-compressible flows (e.g. most liquid flows) and also for compressible flows (e.g.gases) moving at low Mach numbers. More advanced forms may in some cases be applied to compressible flows at higher Mach numbers (see the derivations of the Bernoulli equation)

In the video, a simple hair dryer can magically levitate any balls according to the principles of fluid flow.

To know more about the tricks, you can check this site.

Try it yourself!


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The Hidden Pages

Short Fiction by

Garcia, RIcael Jazmine B.


The boy’s name is Lorenzo Craughwell, from the patron saint of poverty. A 7 years old mute boy with dyslexia. He has an indigent family made up of five siblings, including him being the third son and the youngest of them all. People call them the “illiterates” and Lorenzo is the most foolish among the family. He always came in school late, with his beat-up uniform and shoes.

When the school bell rang, Lorenzo took a seat in the back of the class, drawing out his notebook with a pencil in his hand. He began to sketch until Mr. Abel, his teacher, came in front of his desk and cried out his name. “Mr. Craughwell! I want you to write an essay not a drawing! For God sake, this is an English class! Get out!” The boy stared at his teacher with his beet red face then run towards the door leaving the mumbles of his classmates behind saying “What a moron he is.”

Instead of being upset and come home. Lorenzo took a hasty detour on their neighborhood with an eager look on his face. Through the same familiar path, he ended up in front of a large white house. It always look so beautiful, yet it appears so lonely. People says the owner of the house, is one of the great doctor of their country and owner of a known hospital. But some says he is a heartless old man named Nicholas. Nobody knows the story behind the cold gate. Still, Lorenzo continued to crawl at the gap of the brick wall. He run towards the back window of the house and settle at his usual spot to watch. He began to walk out of the gate at exactly 4pm toward his home, assuming that no one discover what he’s doing outside of the house.

He continued to walk and saw his mother in front of their house with a scowl on her face. “You’re late!” His mother cried out as she left him outside the house. Hearing a cough, he glance behind and warm eyes stared back at him. “How’s your day?” asked by his father, the kindest man he ever known and the only man who believes in him. He began to straighten his back to look cheerful and smile at his dad. They walk back to their house with his father’s hand on his shoulder.

Lorenzo left their house early in the morning to sell their goods before going to his school. When he came at the class, he expected the usual scolding of Mr. Abel. Surprisingly, Mr. Abel had these troubled eyes looking at him. “Why are you here Mr. Craughwell? Your dad is in the hospital.” He run and didn’t even let his teacher finish.

Three days later, the results for the several tests came up, but the doctors seems confuse since the test doesn’t show anything wrong. If the doctors continued to conduct examinations they can’t pay their debts. Being the youngest, he is the one who is left behind to look out for their father.

In the hospital he began to look at his father’s test, and draw pictures of it. He showed it to his family, but they ignored it. He then took it to the doctors but they never understand his drawing. The only one willing to understand his drawing is the nurse assigned to his father.

He began to explain his drawing and the nurse began to label the parts of it amazed by his knowledge and thought that this is just a game for Lorenzo until he put the CT scan of his father’s brain besides the drawing. It showed the damage on his brain, a small blood clot, which is nearly hidden in the CT scan, but the drawing is clear enough with the labels.

The nurse left the room in a hurry. Soon, the room became full of spectators, and doctors, who transfer his father on a surgery room after confirming the boy’s drawing. Time past by waiting for the doctor’s evaluation with his family. The surgery is a success, but they still can’t pay up their debt at the hospital. An old man came towards them. Smiling at Lorenzo and pass a video tape. Lorenzo took it and look at it, he can’t read but still he can see the picture on the video tape. A picture of surgery. Then he turned at Lorenzo’s mother, saying he will pay all the money but in return, they will let their son, be his student. His mother shock by the sudden declaration, didn’t have enough time to reply. The doctor offered his hands on Lorenzo saying “I’m Nicholas by the way.”

NOTE: Post I made since I did not join the Creative Writing Workshop of The Varsitarian

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The Medicine

Garcia, Ricael Jazmine B.


Maintenance Medicine

The Archaic of miracles

Which entitled them as witches

Likewise thought as oracles

But merely shows simple stitches

Believed as a former presage

Since before the golden folks

With denial of the true message

Until the creators of science spoke

At the end it extends one’s life

And brings the current wonder scene

Helping to lessen the strife

And being called the medicine

NOTE: Post I made since I didn’t join the Creative Writing Workshop of The Varsitarian