Benefits of Blogging


Blogging has a lot of benefits aside from increasing your social communication. It can also help writers to develop new relationships with their audiences and build new partnerships across disciplines.This info graphic I created shows the benefits of blogging in a palatable and an easy to understand perspective.

Here is why you shouldn’t kill spiders!


Do you usually kill spiders? If yes, well then you should stop. Spiders almost never bite people. If we didn’t have spiders, the world would over populate with bugs, and they would practically take of the whole world (and they would also be huge). All spiders are poisonous, but there are very few that can actually make you sick or cause serious illness. Plus most spider fangs are really small! So please, think twice before you kill these tiny creatures. 


How come Sunset is Red?

by Kristen Anne Uy, 3AD-7

The sunset shines upon the ground,

With people standing, staring, astound,

The colors soaking into them,

The art evoking heart in them.

I find them very pretty

I watch them glisten upon my city

But I always see myself ponder in bed

Why oh why are they color red

When the time has come for sun to veer

The sunlight goes through more of the atmosphere

Light scatters and only shades of red pass our eyes so clear

And that learning, I will share to my peers


Authors Note: Since I will not be joining the creative writing workshop of the varsitarian, I created this short poem to comply with Sir Cumagun’s requirement. 🙂