NatSci Prelim Plate (50%)


Read on the following topics indicated in our course syllabus. Use Integrated Science by  Tillery as a guide.

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1 What is Science?

A systematized body of knowledge based on facts gathered through observation and experimentation.


2 Motion

Motion refers to the change in position of a particular object with mass with reference to its reference point and in respect to time.


3 Energy

Energy is what comes from an object that can neither be created or destroyed. There are many different types of energies that carries different characteristics as well.


4 Heat and Temperature

These are two different terms although used interchangeably. Temperature is simply defined as the degree of intensity of hotness and coldness while heat is primarily about the hotness that is being omitted physically.


5 Wave Motions and Sound



6 Electricity

This is a physical phenomena to which is caused by a series of electrical charges. It becomes visible to us through varied ways such as lighting and the likes.


7 Light

This is a result of a series of radiant energy that becomes visible to the naked eye. It may also refer to the elctromagnetic radiation of any wavelength. 


8 Atoms and Periodic Properties


9 Chemical Reactions


10 Water and Solutions or Nuclear Reactions


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1″The video is incredible and I love the visuals of the infographic. It’s eye-catching enough yet very subtle to look at. The idea of using such colors was risky but it paid of well and I believe that says a lot in being an artist. Good job on this!”

              2014/09/01 at 12:52 pm           

2 “I find this very personal and as I was reading it just gives me a whole new view on Fashion and Textile Design. It’s just amazing to find out how there’s so much more artistry in fashion and all that it stems out to.”

              2014/09/01 at 12:55 pm           

3  “I love how personal the video was. It’s incredibly crafted as well, talking about the videography and the lighting and the video as an art. I find it’s hippy-ness quite amusing too and since I’m inclined to cooking I love the bits of it. Loving this so much! I’ll find time to make my own self-image for this year too. In a video? Let’s see.”

              2014/09/01 at 9:28 am           

4 “The quality may have suffered a bit but I still like the idea of using black background to allow the colors to pop out further. Kudos!”

              2014/09/01 at 1:05 pm           

5 “Oh the feels of this post. Such emotions involved. I wish I’d see someone’s eyes that way too… soon. Lol!“

              2014/09/01 at 1:09 pm           

6 “”There is so much more in life” AMAZING line right there. Truly, we have yet to see how marvelous our planet can be. That line is really inspiring and it helps me push myself more so that I could go beyond the things I’ve already seen and experienced. Love love love.”

              2014/09/01 at 6:00 am           

7 “Development to me is actually a very threatening word. It carries a lot of way and it seems rather subjective as well. Note that people may have varied ways to explain development so that alone is a terrifying fact plus the fact the progress and change is limitless so we can never really know where we’re heading.”

              2014/09/01 at 1:13 pm           

8 “Science is science. It provides us a lot of answers to questions we never thought we’d be able to answer. However, science and its power is scary. We don’t know where it will bring us or lead us to so we really need to be careful about how we act upon things. On side note, I wanna point out that using quoted lines from other people was clever! Kudos!”

              2014/09/01 at 5:14 am           

9 “This must have been such an incredible experience. I’ve always been fascinated about birds like how they are able to fly. Deym!”

              2014/09/01 at 5:25 am           

10 “I believe technology can be integrated to a lot of things. How much? I think, boundless. We just need to constantly challenge ourselves to see how much more can we get from things that we already know.”

              2014/09/01 at 5:19 am           

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Write 5 Jokes Related to Science


Q: What do chemists call a benzene ring with iron atoms replacing the carbon atoms?




An electron sitting in a prison asked a second electron cellmate, “What are you in for?” To which the latter replied, “For attempting a forbidden transition.”



Q: What is the dullest element?
A: Bohrium



At the end of the semester, a 10th-grade chemistry teacher asked her students what was the most important thing that they learned in lab. A student promptly raised his hand and said, “Never lick the spoon.”



An astronaut attempted to write a story and so he began, “Once upon a space-time…” 


Share 5 Favorite Books of Science

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Nikola Tesla: Imagination and the Man That Invented the 20th Century, Sean Patrick


Science Matters: Achieving Scientific Literacy, Robert M. Hazen


The Everything Kids’ Science Experiments Book: Boil Ice, Float Water, Measure Gravity-Challenge the World Around You!, Tom Robinson


National Geographic Science of Everything: How Things Work in Our World, National Geographic


A Short History of Nearly Everything, Bill Bryson


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Josh Ritter – Stuck To You (1999)


System of a Down – Science (2002)


Barenaked Ladies – History of everything (2007)


Thomas Dolby – She blinded me with science (1982)


Coldplay – The scientist (2002)


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There is a reason why were placed on a particular block. One may not want it but again, it’s not about what you have but about what you do with what you have. Some people grow to live and spend good times with their co-artists that they’ll be spending at least their next 3 years of their lives with while some people (don’t grow) just opt to be indifferent.


At the end of the day we are all part of this group, block or err… family (that’s as cheesy as it can possibly get). We have the same professors, we have the same requirements and we have the same schedules. Soon we’ll all get dissolved and each be part of another block but each moments we’ve shared for the last 3 years isn’t something you could just throw away no matter how ugly it was.

See, what I learned about leading quite a number of times is that we will not be given the people we would like to spend our days with. Most of the time, we’ll be given those whom we don’t really like but we need to learn how to be sensitive enough to act accordingly. And when I say accordingly I mean acting like you’re a part of the team and not as a sole individual. Now I am challenging my friends, group mates (in whatever) and my block mates to stop living on your own and at least try to see how amazing it is to be part of such amazing circle of friends (specially those that you have spent your last 3 years with).

“Wala nang sipsip. Wala nang magpplastican. Kung ayaw mo edi ‘wag pero ‘wag mong idadamay ang mas nakararami dahil lang gusto mong magustuhan ka ng iisa lang namang tao.” (My wise adviser back in high once told that to our class.)


Confusing Routes.

There are things that we have to deal with in order to keep moving forward. It’s like driving in a street and having to pass by a hump. We can’t keep changing routes just to avoid each hump we’re gonna see because it will cause delays or worse, it might keep us from getting to where we really wanted to go. Sometimes, we’ll even experience confusion while on our way. We lose track of the streets. We miss one important turn. Or like, we totally forget how to get to the place we initially wanted to go to. 


Short Story by Mico Balana

sweat-skin-1It was in the middle of the night when I woke up, drenched in my own sweat. It was the usual nightmare. See, I’m a man who gets nightmares a lot. Probably more than enough which may give you the reason for my occasional insane outburst and my regular restlessness. I’ve been dealing with these nightmares since I started being aware of my existence. Why do I get these bad dreams? I don’t know. The only thing I’m sure of is that these things aren’t cool. They suck. And quite literally, they suck good vibes off me.

Like ever, I couldn’t go back to sleep anymore so I spent the rest of the night thinking about random things until my mind reached pitch black. It was nothingness. It was what I always feared; reaching a point where nothing seems to make sense anymore. Then, as if it was part of a schedule (that I’m not aware of), my alarm clock rang. It was annoyingly surprising so I was immediately brought back to reality. Again, I have to go through a day of pure crap.

I got up, grabbed my college uniform and changed into it. I hate morning baths so I take a bath right before I sleep so when I wake up in the morning, I’d be spared of the need to take a shower. The coldness of the morning breeze paired with the ice-cold tiles and freezing water from the shower terrifies me. As soon as I got changed, I quickly grabbed my bag and left for class. I always make sure I’m minutes earlier than everyone in class, which is usually ten to fifteen minutes after our classes start. Everyone’s late you see. Well more late than I am. I don’t want anyone to notice me, that’s why I make sure I’m already seated on my usual spot and covered myself with some random book. Okay, I’ll admit that I don’t even read “this” book and I don’t even know the title of it. I just need something to cover my face so everyone won’t see it – me.

Day goes by. Being lucky for me means absolutely no one talks to me for the entire day. Not even my professors. Today, I was lucky. I was already on my way back to my dormitory room, which was just a couple of blocks away when I happened to notice this seemingly flat object circling around the sky flying as if there was someone piloting it. I heard a lot of rumors about UFOs or Unidentified Flying Objects but I never truly believed them. I was never a fan of believing things I haven’t actually seen even if I usually spend my time thinking about some pretty insane thoughts. This time, it seemed so real. I liked aircrafts and all other flying objects or at least those that were made by humans so I know which one was from our world and which isn’t. 

I spent a couple of minutes alternately blinking my eyes, scratching them and just staring at it. I just couldn’t believe it. And I know no one else would even if I choose to tell someone about it. I’d be nothing less than a laughing stock when I let people know about what I’ve seen so I decided to forget about it and just go on with my usual schedule which is go back to my room, change to my dorm clothes and try to get some sleep.

Yeah, it was stupid to think that after seeing it I’d still be able to sleep or even just take a nap so from my few hours of sleep I am now down to absolutely no sleep. I just can’t stop thinking about it. I can’t stop thinking about its existence. Questions, thoughts and of course insane ideas come rushing to my mind all night. My mind has been preoccupied all night that I didn’t even notice that the sun has already risen. I waited for my alarm clock to ring as it does every single day (including weekends). Suddenly, it hit me. I didn’t have my usual nightmares, which is kind of amazing. I got up as soon as my clock rang. I was moving fast. I seemed pretty calm. For some reason, that disturbing thought about UFOs that kept me awake all night made me feel calmer than how I was whenever I wake up from my nightmares. It was a new day. Another school day but it felt different.