The myth that cellphone can burn a whole gas station.

Is the myth real about cellphones can cause fire to the gas station?
This is the myth when you approach a gas station the employees there say that “please turn off all cellphones because it might cause fire”. Now we are going to see if the myth is true or not, this helps us when we go to a gasoline station to know what to do and to know how to prevent fire cases, and if we have some important calls or messages to see when we are at a gas station.

Galaxy will always be.

Galaxy will always be.

Francis Carlo A. Diomampo                                                                                                                   3AD-7

The galaxy will always be the greatest thing for me. The galaxy inspires me for so many things. It helps my creative thought to fully express it. The galaxy is super special for me, i even have my own special painting of the galaxy in my house. Because for me its that special, this is one of the most beautiful that ever happened. The galaxy has 2 sides, the dark side and the brighter side.

The dark side for me has a lot of resemblance in my life. The dark side reflects my darker side of my life. Filled with unsolvable problems and filled with the normal stress in life. The dark side in my life is the worst feeling ever, because no one in this world can understand me, can talk to me, can change the outcome of my mind when my dark side take’s my mind away from me. The dark side is very crucial for me, that stage of my life is very not understandable. There is a saying that i believe where “The most happiest people are the most saddest people”. That saying goes where how much that person is very happy there is a bad reason behind it, or deep inside that person is crying because its filled with problem. I may sweep away my problems but not fully succeeding to sweep everything. My problem has been part of my life for every time. Even if the dark side has all the capacity to conquer my life, i never forget that the brightness part of my life can conquer all of it and replace the outcome of my life. 

That part of my life is my most enjoyed part. The brightness part of my life is the only reason i live in this world.The brighter side of it lights my day, defeats my problem away, and let my life be my life. There might be a larger span of darkness in the galaxy but never forget that there are stars and different elements in the galaxy which can show brightness towards it. That is how my life works, it resembles that even though my life is that dark i can still find ways where i can be happy and change the outcome of my life. Life has no fun when its all in the dark, have a little light through it and it will show that life can have light. The galaxy has a lot of colors in its elements, it can be brighter than what you expect.

The colors in the galaxy can show that life has a lot of hue. Life can be dull without a little bit of color towards it, like in the galaxy. If you only have black and white in the galaxy it will just be super plain. The colors in life best reflects what you can see and what you can feel. I remembered that the galaxy will always be there for you, you can look at it and admire its greatness and color, it will never leave you there because it already conquered our hearts with its loving colors.

“The human race may be the only the intelligent beings in the galaxy”-Stephen Hawking


NOTE: This is the short story I’ve made since I didn’t join the Creative Writing Workshop of The Varsitarian.