Patrick Jason Legaspi Manaloto NS102 3AD-6


Patrick Jason Legaspi Manaloto NS102 3AD-6 with Rom Cumagun

NS 102 NATURAL SCIENCE Prof. Rom Cumagun College of Fine Arts and Design University of Santo Tomas, Manila Guided by Integrated Science 6th Edition by Bill Tillery, Eldon Enger, Frederick Ross 6th Edition McGraw Hill International Edition 2013
Physical Science: What is Science? Motion. Energy. Heat and Temperature. Wave Motions and Sound. Electricity. Light. Atoms and Periodic Properties. Chemical Reactions. Water and Solutions. Nuclear Reactions.
Earth Science: The Universe. The Solar System. Earth in Space. Earth. Earth’s Surface. Earth’s Weather. Earth’s Waters. Organic and Biochemistry .
Life Science: The Nature of Living Things. The Origin and Evolution of Life. The History of Life on Earth. Ecology and Environment. Human Biology: Materials Exchange and Control Mechanisms. Human Biology: Reproduction. Mendelian and Molecular Genetics
Course Goals:  Knowlege. Skills. Recall. Understanding /  Analysis. Critical Thinking / Synthesis. Creative Thinking / Problem Solving / Application. Performance / Attitudes. Values / Self-Awareness as Learners /  Learning. Study Skills
UST Goals:  Scholarship. Information Literacy & and Communication /  Creative and Critical Thinking / Heritage Coservation. Leadership and Ethical Action. Global Engagement /  Lifelong Learning
Course Requirements and Assessment
What have I done to develop my Multiple Intelligences in Relation to Science?
EXAMS 10% PROJECTS 90% 3 done as individual. 1 with family. 1 with neighbor. 1 with churchmate. 1 with classmate. 1 with countryman. 1 with foreigner (among these 5 done with science majors, 4 done with non-science majors)
Musical-Rythmic and Harmonic 10% Put your reply here. Include links Feel free to write notes anywhere on this page. This page is ours.
Visual – Spatial 10%
Verbal – Linguistic 10%
Logical – Mathematical 10%
Bodily – Kinesthetic 10%
Interpersonal 10%
Intrapersonal 10%
Naturalistic 10%
Existential 10%

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