My Dear Student Hillary,

Engines of Commerce

How can we describe a good teacher or a good professor?

In the Norm: Teacher- comes in class-check attendance-lectures-quiz-dismissal.

In the old times did you know that the idea of selling water particularly in water bottles people thought that it was a silly idea? Which we can now find sold all over the world by groceries, convenience stores or street vendors! That unique idea at first sounded silly, crazy, weird and/but unique but now it evolved to be worldwide; never the less, it has a particular classification which we call brands! (Ex. Summit, Cystal Clear, Aqua Fina, Absolute etc.)

Our professor, Prof. Rom Cumagun introduced to us a different approach in teaching which he calls “Blogosphere.” It sounded unique, but most of us, his students, weren’t interested about it; because we were taught by the “Norm,” we accepted the traditional way of teaching where we can learn and get our…

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In Hopes That It Will Be a True Good Film (A Ranting Essay on the Philippine Film Industry)

Curious and Befuddled

Last 16th of August, 2014, a familiar face came about within the school grounds of the University of Sto. Tomas.

marian 1 Marian Rivera at ‘Bad Ang Sinungaling’ shooting site (UST) rhyzza Rhyzza Mae Dizon at ‘Bad Ang Sinugnaling’ shooting site (UST)

It was Marian Rivera and Rhyzza Mae Dizon!


Rejoice! Rejoice! A celebrity! How fun, exciting!




Apparently, it was a shooting for a scene from an upcoming 2015 MMFF film entitled Bad And Sinungaling. Now, I have totally no idea what the plot of this film is going to be, but judging by the actors and the crew gathered, I am not psyched at all.

Starting up with Vic Sotto, Marian Rivera, and Rhyzza Mae Dizon as (most probably) the main cast, and end it with the director of photography, Lee Meily, and director Marlon Rivera, I can only see the bleak future of the Philippine film…

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The Saviour That Lurks Beneath The Sea


A lullaby by the waters

I sat on the edge of a dock

Fell asleep and into the ocean

At 12O’Clock


It felt like a sort of sensation

Falling into the waves

Changing chromatically

The colors fade beneath the surface


The deep served a largeness

Like shadow or silhouette

Moving slow and steady

I begin to lose my breath


And so, from the middle of the shadow

Came a diamond light

With brightness steady and strong

I should be feeling joy, not fright


I hear a voice from the center

Of ethereal tone

And tells me I am saved

I’ve drifted to the sand and stone

I awoke to sight of a beach

And a sight of a behemoth by the sea

Swimming to the horizontal beyond

And when I knew, it was early morning at 3

NOTE: Post I made since I won’t join the Creative Writing Workshop of The Varsitarian

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IT’S OVER!!! The Fight Is Over!!

Teacher Rom Cumagun shared a link. Posted by WordPress · August 6

Thanks  for sharing this video,

I am surprised by the conclusion arrived at by the author of this video and need to repeat viewing it so I can fully grasp the arguments presented; however, at first viewing it does make sense.

To our readers, watch the video so you, too, can conclude if the author is correct in claiming “IT’S OVER!!! The Fight Is Over!!” Carina Bonalos like this.