So first and foremost, what is a blog?

A blog is simply a thought put out in the world wide web. It can be a journal entry, photo, video and etc. I believe blogging helps to release all your emotion. Not only does it benefit you, but other people as well. As you let a thought or idea out, it can inspire other people and make them feel good about themselves too. (except pessimistic blogs, of course)

And why is there a blogosphere? What is a blogosphere?

A blogosphere is an interconnection of different blogs by different authors. Primarily, the sharing of each and everyone’s blogs. It’s existing because it helps a person express themselves easily. They are able to let out an emotion, share an opinion and inspire. 

Above is my visual representation of the blogosphere. What I did was form a circle using all the different social networking sites. I formed a circle because a circle represents an on-going movement. Meaning, there are blogs being shared everyday. It symbolizes the people’s connection to one another. For example, in twitter, you follow people because you want to be updated with their thoughts and vice versa. I used various social networking sites because a blog can not only be expressed through text, but also through pictures, photos and videos. The wordpress icon is placed in the middle because according to Forbes, wordpress powers one of every 6 websites on the internet. So basically wordpress rules the web. 

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