I want to share my realizations about everything in both our subjects here. I just want to say that I understand your philosophies and style of teaching but given that I am used to the traditional style of teaching, I got overwhelmed with your new style. I got confuse because I’m not really into blogging and I am not familiar to this type of blogging. I am used to sharing my opinions inside the classroom where the professor could listen to it physically. I guess what happened between our block and you is just a miscommunication. Forgive us if you think we’re antoginizing you. We actually don’t. We just shared what we think of of your sytle, Sir. I guess the best that could happen now is for us – students and you as a prof alike – to meet halfway. I think it would be best if go traditional but you could still be non-traditional at the same time. In this way, we would meet with each and everyone’s form of sharing and understanding. Thank you for bearing with my thoughts.



How come Sunset is Red?

by Kristen Anne Uy, 3AD-7

The sunset shines upon the ground,

With people standing, staring, astound,

The colors soaking into them,

The art evoking heart in them.

I find them very pretty

I watch them glisten upon my city

But I always see myself ponder in bed

Why oh why are they color red

When the time has come for sun to veer

The sunlight goes through more of the atmosphere

Light scatters and only shades of red pass our eyes so clear

And that learning, I will share to my peers


Authors Note: Since I will not be joining the creative writing workshop of the varsitarian, I created this short poem to comply with Sir Cumagun’s requirement. 🙂