Intrapersonal Intelligence: Self-Image

by Jhanica Cortez

Intrapersonal Intelligence is an intelligence of being able to, basically, self reflect.

By late 2010, ‘Self Image’, an unpopular annual sharing of Youtubers about who and what they think they arose. It happens by December to January and the video consists of just a a person talking in front of the camera talking about himself.

Here is an example:

And since we’re in the topic, I’d also participate on this Self Image project. So here’s a brief one:

I am Jhanica Castañeda Cortez. People call me Nica, Cai or Nikae. I am 19. A Leo. I am a sister, a daughter. a grandchild to one, a cousin and a niece to many. I am a friend. I am a best friend to three. I am not in love. I am a college student at University of Santo Tomas. I like to draw. I also like to speak my mind. I love books, comics, music, beautiful films and heat. I want to live in New York. I am ambitious. So far, I don’t know where I am currently at life. Or perhaps, where I’m about to go. Life is a big ocean and I let its waves take me anywhere. I hope to inspire and to give.

How about you? What’s your self-image for this year?

Spatial intelligence: New Really Cool Optical Illusions

Spatial Intelligence is all about measuring how well you can visualize or figure out visual problems and circumstances. In here, you only use your eyes and the mind. 

Spatial Illusions are very very tricky and requires a person not to be only smart but also to be alert because it involves a lot of mind tricks. There are a lot of spatial illusion examples, but the most common one are, as what we call, OPTICAL ILLUSIONS.

Here is a video of the top 10 best optical illusions of 2014 by the Youtube channel, Good Mythical Morning.

Musical Intelligence: Watch This to Know More About Sounds

I’ve been a fan of Charlie McDonell, Youtube vlogger, siince I was in highschool. In various videos he had explained his love for Science more than ever. Because of that, every once in a while he adds a new video to his Fun Science vlog series which features different topics of his choice and explains them with creativity and simplicity. Here is his Fun Science with Sound. Enjoy!