The Blogosphere


According to Wikipedia, The blogosphere is made up of all blogs and their interconnections. The term implies that blogs exist together as a connected community (or as a collection of connected communities) or as a social networking service in which everyday authors can publish their opinions.

My visual shows that social media associates the world along with blogosphere. It is an intelligence super highway that shares deliberations and thoughts with other people. Along side in my illustration, it states the substance of blogosphere. There are many phases of blogosphere that make it attractive to people. Blogosphere is a place where you speak and share your thoughts to the world. User comments are useful in the blogsosphere because it is swapping sentiments and mindsets with citizens. Blogosphere is the world where in sharing of knowledge is helpful. Link sharing is a tool where in you share your knowledge to others. When you write and post it online, you allocate and at the same time, you also acquire through others.

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