Outbreak (Warner Bros. 1995)

Outbreak Movie Poster

“While Surfing: On the Ebola Virus” by Hannah Ledesma reminded me to share the movie, Outbreak (Warner Bros. 1995) which dramatizes the possible medical emergency scenario caused by Ebola Virus.

While watching, try to situate yourself in this scenario:

Who are you in this event? How will you act?

As an advertising student with 6 units of science courses, what do you do to make use of this Advertising and Science Education?

Embedding the video found by co-author “While Surfing: On the Ebola Virus”

NS102 with Hama

Following the recent global anxiety about great mortality rates of citizens in west Africa, several Youtube channels have covered this story with the intent to educate and inform the rest of the world on this dangerous albeit unfamiliar disease.


While surfing one of my favourite science channels, SciShow, I saw this video summarizing the Ebola virus’ casualties, a synopsis of its history, transmission and the current state in Africa. The link below will lead you to the video.




Video Summary:

  • 2nd Deadliest Disease 
  • Bats were the initial carriers
  • a.k.a. Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever or Ebola Virus Disease
  • The most violent species of right now is the Zebov with a fatality rate of 83%
  • Coined “Ebola” because of its place origin, the Ebola river
  • 2014 has 1,323 infected out of which 729 have died
  • It causes flu-like symptoms of vomiting and diarrhoea then destroys the capillaries until all of the patient’s…

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The Brand of Teaching

How can we describe a good teacher or a good professor?


In the Norm: Teacher- comes in class-check attendance-lectures-quiz-dismissal.

In the old times did you know that the idea of selling water particularly in water bottles people thought that it was a silly idea? Which we can now find sold all over the world by groceries, convenience stores or street vendors! That unique idea at first sounded silly, crazy, weird and/but unique but now it evolved to be worldwide; never the less, it has a particular classification which we call brands! (Ex. Summit, Cystal Clear, Aqua Fina, Absolute etc.)

Our professor, Prof. Rom Cumagun introduced to us a different approach in teaching which he calls “Blogosphere.” It sounded unique, but most of us, his students, weren’t interested about it; because we were taught by the “Norm,” we accepted the traditional way of teaching where we can learn and get our grades from.
Like no other professor, we broke the ice by asking him what his real objective in teaching is. Why is he not giving lectures from a book? Why is he discussing about blogging? At first, we didn’t understand, but one phrase he said that inspired me was: “I have a big dream that someday, YOU, as advertising students, might someday become leaders” which led to an answer to those questions of ours. He wanted us to be authors, not to be readers. He has this big vision for us that someday we will be discovered by our unique ideas like Albert Einstein, Galileo Galilei, William Gilbert a.k.a. to be Leaders, Celebrities, Known Names in the Industry!



His approach of teaching was like this…

Prof. Cumagun-Prayer-discussion of blogs-interaction-grading system based on our multiple intelligence-attendance-dismissal

As an advertising student, he introduced his own brand as a professor which makes him one of a kind. He is not like any other professor who just teaches but requires us to interact with people through blogging, not in a traditional way of teaching, but by applying our major in a practical way! He, I would say, should be called our personal trainer, because he exercises us our major in advertising by blogging.

Our Believer, Trainer and Professor sir I respect your approach in teaching. It may be unique but that uniqueness might lead us someday to be successful professionals in our field. Thank you.


Close Encounters of The Third Kind and Luiza Artillero

Follow this link to read Luiza Artillero’s movie revue of the movie.


I am excited that a student took my suggestion to:

  • Learn science (for non-science majors) by way of acquiring a taste for science fiction.
  • Conceptualize advertising campaigns (my first set of students are advertising majors but for future readers of this blog, conceptualizing skills are for every professional) by studying science.
  • Learn Adverstising and Science by way of movie watching and making. (I have suggested Lorenzo’s Oil as one non-science character learns science to solve his predicament. If one of my students can revue this one, it would be another great thrill for me.)

Luiza confesses that she is not into sci-fi and so double is my thrill that she extended her interest in this area by downloading her copy and watching it the soonest time possible. My hope is that she watches more. Steven Spielberg did lots in this genre. She concludes her review with a question “If you had a close encounter how would you react and what would you do?” To which my reply: I would do my best to make friends with them.