Burning the midnight oil

by Jinwei C Hong

NS102 3AD-7

Another post on my blog.


So here we are again, huh? You and me, together all night. I’d like to spend my night with someone else but unfortunately I’m stuck with you. While he’s out there beckoning me, I’m in here too fearful of the consequences if I respond to his call. So I’m forced to deal with you.

All night, I wrestle with you. I give you my all, my best, my everything. Why aren’t you giving any of those back? Was it all not enough? And when the morning comes, you leave without a word. You leave me with myself. You leave me with an uncertainty of when your return will be, and an uncertainty of what you will have for me when you do.

So, while you’re gone, I go to him. I go to him who gives me peace and rest. I go to him to restore what I lost because…

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