Eggs are quite interesting don’t you think?



The sky is everywhere


Julia Lhen M. Hobayan

Another day, another life. I’m on my way to school for my evening class and didn’t have enough sleep last night so I feel like a walking zombie. As I ride the LRT to school, I closed my eyes as I feel the calmness of the ride because it is not full of people. Good weather plus good music in my ear (because i was listening to my phone’s music by the way) plus a very cloudy weather is very much ideal to imagine and feel life’s goodness. As i close my eyes, I started to ride my own beam of light going to the one place that I would really want to be in right now: Santorini, Greece.

My beam of light is ocean-colored so it fits where I’m heading. It is my means of transportation from Philippines to Greece so I imagined myself riding the airplane from here, then going down to Dubai for a connecting flight to Europe. It feels really good to ride the airplane because it was my first time!

I arrived at my destination and my jaw dropped on the floor. It is way mor beautiful in person than what I see in pictures! I cannot believe that a place like this actually exists. I feel like crying as I walk around the place before entering the place that I reserved. As soon as I put my things on my personal room, I went out immediately and started to admire the place. The air was so fresh compared to where I live, I just want to live here for good. I walked by the beach and admire the beauty God has given all of us. I enjoyed myself too much that I sat down by the seashore to digest everything. That’s when I started wondering about how perfect my view is, and how perfect God has made everything. I looked on the ocean so blue and so clean and thought to myself that it is such a blessing to see a wonderful place like this.

I love the ocean, i really do. Although I’m not a swimmer, I really love being near the ocean. It makes me feel calm and collected. Like my life is perfect just like how it is. As I look far away, I started to imagine how everything in front of my eyes was made. I, then, thought of swimming through the ocean until I reach the end of it, because ever since I was little, it was a beautiful mystery to me where does the ocean end. And up to now I’m still curious although I already know the answer: the earth is round. Many thoughts raised in my mind as I watch the birds fly freely above the cold ocean water. I love how free the birds are.

I was about to swim into the calmness of Santorini Greece’s water when suddenly I woke up and almost near to Legarda station. Seeing the familiar place of Manila, i just wanted to close my eyes and continue the daydream and allow it to swallow me whole. But what can I do, this is reality. I have to wake up and live today. Because of what I daydreamed, i promised myself to do better in my studies and graduate college to have a good and stable job. In that way, I will save up money and make my daydream come to life!

To end my daydream in a positive outcome, I just think of the fact that Greece and where I am right now is just another the same sky.

(My short story in replacement for the entry on the contest because I won’t be joining.)