NASA: Earth At Night


Ever since I was a little kid, I have always been fascinated by city lights, fast cars, and tall buildings. Seeing this video of how our planet looks at night, it made me realize how vast and huge our Earth is and how much more I have to explore. Busy and modernized countries seem to have more light compared to those isolated and less developed countries. Seeing this amazing video gave a different perspective on our dear planet.

Lea Guangko

Those eyes

eyesThere is really something about eyes that fascinates me.

Maybe it’s the way they speak with you about the truth

A way to tell true emotions just by looking at them

May it be a fear, happiness or hurt

it shows an emotion that a shaking nervous hands could never tell

The way it digs out your deepest thoughts, no one would understand

the way it lights up the world when you’re happy

or have water drips from them when you’re in so much pain

when words aren’t good enough anymore

There is really something about those eyes, no one could ever explain.

God’s Canvass That Is Katrina

Katrina, may God’s canvass that you are, be filled with the vibrance of the all his universe. Featured Image -- 1895Sharing our page which you can fill in so we can both monitor how we are doing in terms of learning.

Your piece of work

God and his blank canvass

 that I have reblogged can be worked into several intelligences which I am directing you (in the table) to accomplish:

Course Requirements and Assessment
What have I done to develop my Multiple Intelligences in Relation to Science?
EXAMS 10% PROJECTS 90% 3 done as individual. 1 with family. 1 with neighbor. 1 with churchmate. 1 with classmate. 1 with countryman. 1 with foreigner (among these 5 done with science majors, 4 done with non-science majors)
Musical-Rythmic and Harmonic 10% you can record your voice reciting the poem and mix it with music. (Better if the music is original). You can upload it as audio.
Visual – Spatial 10% you can make a video. For the video, I think it will work if you video yourself painting the images you describe. Dramatizing the scenes like waking up, reading a science book, observing nature etc. The painting is another output. The painting can be scanned and you can layout the text and make it a photo quote.
Verbal – Linguistic 10%  This poem / prayer
Logical – Mathematical 10%  Record your budget for this project and you can post about this too.
Bodily – Kinesthetic 10%  performing in the video both to dramatise and to paint the art works
Interpersonal 10%  you will have to solicit the help of a friend for this project and you can take note of your interpersonal interactions
Intrapersonal 10%  take note of the learning process as you do this project.
Naturalistic 10%  your poem touches on nature and so video the actual nature that you are taking care of. Do you have a garden, a pet? They can be the ones that you include in your video
Existential 10% your poem prayer touches much on human existence as canvass.

Engines of Commerce

We are all a blank canvass,

I am a canvass, you are a canvass.

Every morning is a blank one,

we fill it with different hues of color.

Different techniques to make it unique.

God used his mind and eyes

to paint galaxies and skies.

We used our experiences and stories

to paint our life and ideas.

The palette we use defines who we are.

Dark colors for a bad day,

bright ones for a happiness.

Make every day worth it,

and don’t regret every stroke.

But just look closely, just closely.

We are all just stars in the universe

that God created and molded.

Waiting for the right time

to finally burst in the universe.

To finally, leave our mark

in the world He created.

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Outbreak (Warner Bros. 1995)

Outbreak Movie Poster

“While Surfing: On the Ebola Virus” by Hannah Ledesma reminded me to share the movie, Outbreak (Warner Bros. 1995) which dramatizes the possible medical emergency scenario caused by Ebola Virus.

While watching, try to situate yourself in this scenario:

Who are you in this event? How will you act?

As an advertising student with 6 units of science courses, what do you do to make use of this Advertising and Science Education?

Embedding the video found by co-author “While Surfing: On the Ebola Virus”

NS102 with Hama

Following the recent global anxiety about great mortality rates of citizens in west Africa, several Youtube channels have covered this story with the intent to educate and inform the rest of the world on this dangerous albeit unfamiliar disease.


While surfing one of my favourite science channels, SciShow, I saw this video summarizing the Ebola virus’ casualties, a synopsis of its history, transmission and the current state in Africa. The link below will lead you to the video.


Video Summary:

  • 2nd Deadliest Disease 
  • Bats were the initial carriers
  • a.k.a. Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever or Ebola Virus Disease
  • The most violent species of right now is the Zebov with a fatality rate of 83%
  • Coined “Ebola” because of its place origin, the Ebola river
  • 2014 has 1,323 infected out of which 729 have died
  • It causes flu-like symptoms of vomiting and diarrhoea then destroys the capillaries until all of the patient’s…

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Most Helpful Spider So Far

Jurassic Spider Eats Birds